No-claims bonus bike: a help for the purchase of a bike with electrical assistance (VAE)

Bonus vélo : une aide pour l'achat d'un vélo à assistance électrique (VAE)

The conditions of the no-claims bonus bike with electrical assistance

The State grants a help for the acquisition of a new electrical bikenot using battery in the lead. 

The D251-2 article of the code of fixed energy the conditions of attribution of the assistant of the State:

«A help, said no-claims bonus bike with electrical assistance, is allocated to every individualperson over 18giving proof of onedomicile in Franceof whom the contribution of tax onincome of the household for tax purposes of the preceding year the acquisition of cycle is nowho acquires onecycle with assisted pédalage [...]nine,who usesno battery in the leadand am not given up by the purchaser in year according to its acquisition.         

This help can be allocated only if oneassistant having the same object was allocated by a local authority. 

An individual can benefit from it only once.»

The sum of the no-claims bonus bike with electrical assistance

The sum of assistant will be culminated according to following criteria:

    • the sum of the state aid cannot exceed the sum of the help granted by the local authority;
    • the sum of 2 combined helps cannot be superior to 20 % costs of acquiring or 200€.
    • Step to get the no-claims bonus bike with electrical assistance

  • The request for aid must be performed via oneaccessible form on the Internet site of the agency of services and of payment (ASP).
  • The informed form must be transmitted in the regional direction of the Agency of services and of payment Big (ASP) is, accompanied with the following documentary evidences:

    • copy of the identity card, of the passport or of the resident's permit, in the course of validity
    • copy of a justificatiof of domicile of less than 3 months
    • copy of the bill of purchase of the bike
    • copy in the opinion of taxation of the year preceding the purchase (for a purchase performed in 2019, it is in the opinion of taxation 2018 on incomes 2017)
    • copy of the proof of payment of the help allocated by the local authority for the purchase of the bike
    • noting down of banking identity of the beneficiary