Practical advice for the maintenance of our scooters, bikes and electric scooters ...

Conseils pratiques pour l'entretien de nos scooters, vélos et trottinettes électriques...

In order to properly maintain your electric scooter, electric bicycle, electric scooter, or whatever our products are, we recommend a few tips.



  • For a good use of your battery, first connect the plug to the mains and afterwards the battery to the charger.

  • It is recommended by the manufacturers to use the battery at partial charge between 30 ° C and 70 ° C in order to avoid faster aging of the battery.

  • Avoid contact with water or humidity

  • Charge your battery at room temperature, preferably and if possible between 10 ° C and 20 ° C and never below 0 ° C or above 40 ° C.

  • You can charge it at any time it is not useful to wait until your battery is completely discharged and even nowadays not recommended with lithium batteries.

  • If your battery is external, make sure everything is turned off so as not to damage the cells.
    Do not leave your bicycle, scooter or electric scooter in the sun, for example for a long period of time when not in use.

    • Ideal temperature for use is 10 ° C to 30 ° C

    • To clean the battery, use a damp cloth and always place it on very clean surfaces.

    • If you wish to wash your gear remove the battery if feasible.



      • Take a screwdriver and look at all the screws you can see so put a little screwdriver in

      • Depending on the brake types, if you hear a squealing noise when braking, please check them as soon as possible or have them checked by a professional.


      • Keep an eye out for properly inflated tires.


      • Avoid washing your machine with a watering can or a Kärcher, the most recommended as for the battery is a very damp cloth.


      • Always check its screws, go around your machine, handlebars, wheels, frame, or any other screws.


      • Always clean with a dry cloth.


      • Then we recommend to use the lubricant WD40 which protects the metal from rust and corrosion, a multi-use formula combining cleaning and lubrication of any metal. Do not hesitate to do it regularly we advise every 2 months.

      With all its practical advice for the maintenance of our products, if you follow our advice above, you will be able to enjoy your electric machine for longer and continue to enjoy it as much as possible!