Electric Mobility Regulations

Electric scooter regulations

Electric scooters, single wheels; hoverboard: all changes as of July 1, 2020

motorized lis (EDP). Note that since July 1, 2020, new obligations have been put in place on electric scooters in terms of safety. Previously optional, they are now mandatory and sanctions will be taken if they are not respected. This change follows the decree of 25 October 2019 published in the Official Journal with the aim of promoting urban mobility. But what are these changes?
  • Respect the maximum dimensions: each EDPM must be 90 cm in maximum width and 135 cm in length.
  • Braking: the decree specifies that your EDPM must have effective brakes (the law does not regulate the type of brake). 3-wheel scooters must now have a parking brake.
  • The horn is now compulsory and must be heard at 50 meters.
  • Lighting: all vehicles must be fitted with front and rear position lights at night or during the day in the event of poor visibility.
  • Reflector: Passive lights are now compulsory.