Electrical scooter KUGOO ES2 - 350W
Electrical scooter KUGOO ES2 - 350W
Electrical scooter KUGOO ES2 - 350W
Electrical scooter KUGOO ES2 - 350W

Electrical scooter KUGOO ES2 - 350W

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Electrical scooter KUGOO ES2 - 350W is equipped of:



Tyre of 8,5 thumbs, by taking into account absorption of shocks and security, for a more comfortable behaviour.

Battery in the lithium

He disposes of a battery in the lithium high capacity of 7,8 Ah which allows a longer range and higher speed.

Engine 350W

The powerful motive force, engine 300W, outdistances maximum running of 31 km.

3 modes of speed

Adjustable speed parametres at 3 levels to answer your preferences.

Control APP

Download application and link your Kugoo ES2 E-scooter via LOW VOLTAGE. He allows you to achieve orders at the end of your fingers.

Harbour integrated USB

Feed other mobile apparatus with a harbour integrated USB.

Luminous headlight

The headlight is made up of a broad luminous fan of LED allowing surer promenades overnight.

Frame extremely lighted LED

The LED band on the side of the frame allows to the pilots to be seen in low light.

Braking system doubles

The system of electrical braking and in complete disc allows a surer behaviour.

Conception with quick folding

Conception with quick folding in 3 seconds, stable and practical.

Hit easily

112 * 33 * 43cm flexible size, not very bulky and portable to transport, face easily in an intense traffic.

Lasting material

The material in aluminium alloy + ABS + PC gives a sufficient insurance for your security of behaviour.

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Type : ES2
Tension : 36V
Battery: Lithium 36V 7.5AH
Time of load: 4-5 hours
Power : 350 W
Tyre : 8,5thumbs
Autonomy25 KM
Speed maximum : 25km / h
Headlight :  Headlight before LED + Frame LED + back Brake light
Angle of climb≤15 degrees
Amortisseur : Before
Brake : Electrical brake + brake with disc
Load maximum : 120 kg
Weight : 16 Kg

Electrical scooter KUGOO ES2
Metropolitan of France and
Andorra Monaco Switzerland 
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